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,428/18,428 [============================] 100% 0.0s As you can see, I already have the comand to find out the number of the process and I can kill that process easily. This problem is from my school computer. But I have another PC that doesn't have this problem. I want to run this command in the script, I can run it, but I want to run it automatic in the script. The point of this script is that when someone pressed a key, the computer will restart and the script can run automatically. How can I solve this problem? A: If you run the program as a shell script in the foreground, it will be killed when it finishes, and the shell script will terminate. If it's run from the shell script, it will be run in the background and not be killed when it finishes. To make the program run in the background you need to start the program with a & so it starts in the background. It looks like you're making a mistake in that you're running the program as a shell script. You could make it a bash script instead, or you could run it in the foreground. But running it in the background is a very good idea, and would avoid this problem. You could also use the sleep command to sleep for a bit while the program is running, so you don't kill it immediately. Q: How to loop through array of JSON and check each object for specific key value and print to new key value I'm looking for a way to loop through a JSON object and check for a specific property that exists and print an ID if it exists or print the property value if it exists. Here is the JSON object I'm working with: {"1":{"Id":1,"Color":"blue","Number":"1","ManagerId":0,"Category":"Client","Name":"John Doe","Tickers":3,"Team":[{"Name":"Team1"},{"Name":"Team2"},{"Name":"Team3"}],"Task":[{"Id":10,"Name":"Build Next Client"},{"Id":20,"Name":"Build Next Client"}]},"2":{"Id":2,"Color":"yellow","Number":"2","ManagerId":1,"Category":"Client","Name":"Jane Doe","Tickers":5,"Team":[{"Name":"Team1"},{"Name":"Team2"},{"Name":"Team3"}],"Task":[{"Id":30,"Name":"Build Next Client"},{"Id



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Free Full Version Cakewalk Pro Audio 9.03.rar43 18
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